Hotel Maroon Map – Location

Hotel Maroon, 3, Samoborska cesta, Malešnica, Mjesni odbor "Vrapše-jug", Gradska četvrt Stenjevec, Zagreb, City of Zagreb, 10090, Croatia

Hotel Maroon is located at 21 km from the airport and 8 km from Zagreb city center. So, although it is some distance from the center, there is a train station around the corner that will take you to the main Zagreb station. The hotel is also 6 km from the Zagreb Arena and its shopping center, and 3 km from the City Center One West shopping center. It is a modernly furnished hotel with a private car park, a restaurant and a café. Great if you want to recover from a busy day in the city.

Address: Samoborska cesta 3, 10000, Zagreb